Adventures of a Baby Wearing Daddy

My husband.

I cannot even express the gratitude I have for my husband, who not only puts up with my crap but believes in the same concepts of parenting I do – equal care, attachment parenting, breastfeeding in public, cloth diapering – but supports me through and through. I wasn’t really ready to be a mom, and I’ve been a little hesitant to accept the calling over the last six months. We’ve gotten into the swing of things, and he seriously picked up my slack when I was still busy waffling and whining about having a baby in the first place. He’s a great daddy and an excellent Mr. Mom, and man, is he adorable when he baby wears.

The best part is that he does it willingly.


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There is no embarrassment for babywearing for my husband. 

I know a lot of you ladies probably read that and are like, um, why would there be? But there are plenty who disagree with you (and I). After all, caring for a baby is a woman’s job. It’s not for a man and it’s not meant for a man. Men are the breadwinners, right? Even in modern society, women still make less than men. I cannot even begin to count the number of “make me a sandwich” jokes that circulate around the internet. So if men are the ones who make the dough, then women should be making the other type of dough, right?

While I don’t disagree with this necessarily,  I do really appreciate men who break the mold and realize that a woman’s job is 24-freaking-7. My daughter is up, on average, ten times a night. Sometimes it’s eight, sometimes it’s fifteen, but either way, it’s very hard for me to keep up during the day sometimes. So even just going out can be a huge pain in the butt. And my husband, instead of protesting or complaining that he works and goes to school full time, simply picks up my slack. Honestly, I think he kind of enjoys it. 

Anthony wears Winter everywhere. The store, the mall, the park. It’s gotten to the point where she sort of gives me a weird look when I try to wear here that says something like, “where’s my flat-chested mommy?”

I love it, because I think babywearing promotes a strong connection between them. This is awesome because I think a baby needs two parents, and this is one of the chief ways they can interact. I get to breastfeed. My husband doesn’t usually have that option. He doesn’t get to really cuddle his baby much unless she’s feeling cuddly (she never does) or he’s wearing her. She usually tolerates wearing and they can get some contact.

It also makes us way more mobile than, say, a stroller. I can lug around all of the baby stuff, which is usually what I wind up doing with or without the baby (because otherwise it gets forgotten), and he can lug around the baby. It’s kind of like having a big belly, which is WAY smaller and easier to deal with than anything else I can think of. 

And last, but not least, I get a wee bit of time without my  baby. I spend a lot of time with Winter, as many moms do. It’s just what we do. And sometimes, I get tired. So even a small, quick mall trip while Winter sleeps against her daddy’s chest is amazing. I don’t feel guilty for leaving her with anyone, and if my husband needs backup, I’m there. And I know she is loved. I know she is wanted. I know she is spending time with someone she will eventually come to feel affection for and trust. She is safe, and I get to spend a little time doing something else, like shopping, or just thinking about something while there isn’t baby background noise.

There is nothing better than knowing your baby is loved by your spouse. Loved so much by someone that they will use their body to shelter them, just like I did for nine (or ten) months.

Sure, we get the occasional weird look or snicker. But it’s all worth it – and part of the adventure of a baby wearing daddy.

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