Adventures at Home: Think Escape Games, Fort Lauderdale

Last week, I shared with you some ways to overcome reverse culture shock and one of my tips was to try to keep your sense of adventure at home. So when Think Escape Games, here in Fort Lauderdale, invited me and some blogger friends to try it out, I jumped at the chance. I love getting to know my new home and I love puzzles & strategy games, so this was a no-brainer!

When we first arrived we were treated to yummy snacks and coffee from Revenant Coffee House in the fun and eclectic lobby of Think Escape Games. There they explained a bit about what we were getting ourselves into with this whole escape game thing. A short video explained the basics to us— we were going to be locked in a room for an hour and we had to solve puzzles in order to escape. Our mission was easy, find our way out.

The room we played was called The Study and is rated 8/10 on the difficulty scale. Here is the description for the room from the Think Escape Games website:

“You have been recruited as part of a massive effort to capture The Ragdoll Killer. Due to your level of involvement and vast experience with similar subjects, the lead detective sought you out to help him stop this monster. He wants you to meet him in his office to debrief and show you some evidence. You have to solve the case before your own life is on the line!”

Sounds simple enough, right? Not so much. Even with the 10 of us, we were hard pressed to solve all of the puzzle pieces. I don’t want to give too much away but we struggled our way through anagrams, hidden doors, and decoded messages. Thankfully you get a grace period after the initial hour— we finished in 1 hour and 16 minutes!

We didn’t do well enough to break the leader board though. Apparently, there are escape room enthusiasts who travel around to try and break time records. The fastest time for the room we did was 34 minutes!

Afterward, I got to speak with the owner. Apparently, escape room games are wildly popular in Hungary. In fact, in Budapest, many bars will turn a spare room into an escape room just to bring in guests and revenue. His business partner, who is Hungarian, thought he would try out the concept here in Fort Lauderdale and it’s been a big hit!

The business has been open in Fort Lauderdale for about two years now and they are generally booked up. In fact, when we were there on a Wednesday night, there was already a group waiting for us to be done!


Want to visit Think Escape Games? Here are the facts:

  • Price is $30 per a person. However, the staff let me know that there is usually some sort of promotion going on so always ask.
  • They recommend that you book at least 24 hours in advance but they do accept walk-ins if space is available.
  • You can play with anywhere from 2-15 people. They said that 3 people or more is recommended but 2 can finish with help from the staff.
  • Each game is designed to be finished in 55 minutes even with 70% of the clientele being first-time escape gamers.
  • All of the games are age appropriate but are best enjoyed by kids 10+.

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I was invited by the team at Think Escape Games to try out a complimentary escape game experience in exchange for this post. As always, I only review hotels, restaurants & experiences that I truly enjoy & recommend. All opinions are my own.


by Kassie- The Fly Away Life