Adventure Seeking Soul Searcher | An Interview about Travel & Faith

I sat down with Viola, a lovely lively friend of mine to ask her some questions especially for my readers, related to travel and faith. You’re welcome to join in the conversation in the comment section with questions or thoughts! 

Do you think it’s important for young people to travel? Why?

I do think it’s important because it broadens the perspective of people, and experiencing different lifestyles helps you realize that there is more than one way to see things.

What would you say to those who say they don’t have money to travel?

I would say, it really is sometimes a matter of the person not having money. But often it is just a matter of priorities. Some people would rather go to music festivals or go out with friends twice a week and order a bunch of food and drinks. They’d rather enjoy living life in the short term, than saving it up and going somewhere.

How do you correlate your adventurous lifestyle with living for the Lord and a life of faith? Are they two different categories in your life?

I’m not ever sure how they could be separated. For one thing I don’t think you can be a Christian at home and then go out from your home and be someone else.

But also, seeing more of the world is a part of a growing faith. Even if you just visit a near by town, you can experience something new, or learn things from Christians there, about their perspective of God or their experiences with Him. Seeing the beauty of creation and new places and new cultures all reflects more aspects of God himself.

Can you share a tip for traveling on a budget?

Don’t think that you have to visit every museum or popular sight to actually experience a place. Going on walks through a city and its parks for example, can still make your trip worthwhile. When eating out, you can try to save a portion for your next meal, or buy at least one meal a day from the grocery store instead of eating out.

Where do you stay when you travel?

Couch surfing when possible. There’s a website and app which puts you in touch with locals who have an available bed or couch. It’s totally free.

Would you recommend couch surfing for everyone?

Uuuuuuuum. I recommend it to people who know their boundaries and keep them no matter what. Especially girls. I’ve heard stories. Trust your instincts.

What are the positives of couch surfing (besides it being free?)

You get to know the person you are staying with and they recommend places to go and eat. Often times there ends up being a nice exchange of stories and experiences with them.

Could you share part of your bucket list with us?

  • Go to Australia and learn to surf
  • Hitchhike through Europe
  • Try an extreme sport like parachuting or bungee jumping. I asked her how she thinks she would feel the moment before bungee jumping. Her answer was she’s not sure because actually she has a fear of heights and scoliosis and her doctor specifically told her never to go bungee jumping. But you know… she still plans to. 😀
  • Visit another continent
  • Run a marathon.
  • Go give sacrificially to someone who has very little. She clarified by saying she’d like to travel to a poor country and give a meaningful gift to someone who has never even received one. She said, “I’m not even sure it would be my automatic inclination, but that’s why I want to do it and see myself bless someone in that way.”

Viola, 21, is from Hungary, but has spent the last year in England as an au pair. She will move to Wales in the fall to begin her studies in International Politics and Drama and Theater.

We met in her village middle school when she was in 8th grade and I was her English and Bible teacher. Now we are just two comrades sharing a passion for living life to its fullest even as a testimony of the freedom and adventure there is to be found for a life lived for God.

Thanks Viola for humoring me both my modeling for my camera and and answering these spontaneous questions! I do not under estimate you or the God you serve, and am looking forward with a full heart to seeing how He uses you to change the world. You can follower her adventures at

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