Good morning friends!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was full of family, food, and laughter! Aren’t those the best kinds of weekends?! On Friday I did some wedding planning; Saturday I spent the day with my sister hanging out, and on Sunday my mother made a wonderful Easter brunch, followed by visiting my grandma at the assistant living home. Love weekends that I can catch up with my family! Unfortunately, Trevor had to work all weekend so he couldn’t attend brunch, but we are going up north to my parents’ cabin next weekend for a little getaway so that will be nice.

Even though it may not feel like spring here because of the snow (and from what I hear, another snowstorm on the way- Booooo) Easter reminds me that there is indeed an end in sight to this looooong Wisconsin winter! I’ll be the first to admit that season depression is a very real thing for me, and the only thing that seems to help with it is keeping my house very bright with the shades open and dressing in bright, fun colors.

Today on the blog I wanted to share with you one of my favorite new purchases from Charlotte Russe that I’m currently OBSESSING over.

Guys, I know I talk about Charlotte Russe a lot and probably sound like a broken record at this point. But I can’t even begin to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT STORE. We all have that one place where everything magically fits you and is in your style! That is totally Charlotte for me. And I’m not even an affiliate for them; this is just me obsessing.

This dress is so eye-catchingly adorable. After I took pictures for this shoot, I met up with my girlfriend who starting obsessing over it as well, confirming my love for it even more.

The watch was a gift from Modest Gold, and I found these matching accessories from Buckle.

I’ve actually had these adorable turquoise heels for 4 years now! Like I mentioned in previous posts, I’m totally an outfit repeater and I struggle giving away clothes, especially accessories! You never know when you might want to wear something in the future!

My sister and I had SO MUCH fun taking these photos last weekend. Kaylie is the most laid back, happy-go-lucky girl I know, so she’s always a blast to hang out with. Funny story- (well, it’s funny now, but wasn’t so funny at the time….) We drove 35 minutes from our small town to Green Bay for these photos, and when we arrived downtown Green Bay, we realized……that I forgot the freakin’ Nikon. UGH. My sister, being the bubbly little doll she is, exclaims, “I’m on spring break and don’t have anything else to do! Let’s go home and get it!!”  Soooo I wasted half a tank of gas for this lovely photo shoot, but it was totally worth sister bonding time. I love my sister so much, and am so blessed to have her in my life!

Another behind-the-scenes bit. So….I actually momentarily set these adorable sunglasses on the ground when Kaylie and I were looking through photos after shooting and I forgot to pick them back up …..and drove away These were my favorite pair because they are so trippy and colorful. Looks like I may need to make another Target run to get another pair!

Thanks so much for following me along in my style journey! I have so much fun sharing my style with others, and I hope to inspire you to be confident and fearless with own look! Please follow me on Instagram to see more of my favorite looks!

Dress // Charlotte Russe
Heels // Deb
Purse // Charlotte Russe

Turquoise bracelet set // Buckle
Turquoise ring // Inspired Silver

Watch // Modest Gold
Sunglasses // Target

Photos by @KaylieHetzel