A Trip Too Far (and a Journey of a Different Kind) – Need Another Holiday

A bit “journally”, this one.

Back at the start of October, I realised that a pair of 40 quid return flight tickets wouldn’t actually equate to a trip that costed a total of £80 (duh) and so I bit the bullet and cancelled this year’s break abroad from baby.

I didn’t mind nearly as much as I thought I would, because all the recent hoohaa over Ryanair had put me off flying with them anyway. But I did sulk for most of the day we would have arrived, generally whining the words, “I should be in Spaaaaaain” whilst lolloping dramatically on the sofa.

(I’m now currently attempting a boycott of Ryanair, but we’ll see how long that lasts due to my trigger happy booking finger, which seems to act completely independently of my principles as a human being when faced with an advert for a good flight sale.)

The holiday from work did give me a chance to have a good clear out at home, and to get a moley thing on my face checked out at the hospital. It appears to be fine, but given that this is a blog about holidays and travel (often to sunny places), it seems only right to take a minute to remind all you readers about being sunsafe, and to go and get anything new or unusual on your skin looked at by a doctor. *Preachy bit over*

I’m all about the sunhats and parasols.

Apart from that, when I wasn’t snotty with a cold, I spent time at the gym, which leads to me to the “other” journey in the title of this post.

Yes, I’m going all eye rolly and using the word journey in reference to my efforts to improve my fitness. Don’t worry – I’m not turning all lifestyle guru (I like wine too much!) – this is the last time I’ll call it that. You won’t be able to play the journey drinking game, downing shots every time the word is mentioned like you could if you watched X Factor! Sure fire way to get rotten drunk btw, if you’re that way inclined.

This will be me on the beach in Greece next year.

The main point here is that by referring publicly to the simple fact I’ve spent money joining a gym, it will remind me that I do need to keep going, especially as these dark nights draw in. I’m actually really enjoying it – especially classes. A combo of Pilates, spin and dance fit (Zumba and Konga) is working for me right now, though everything is on hold for the mo since I hurt my back.

I was really enjoying outdoor swimming when I first signed up, but I’ll make do with the indoor pool now the outdoor one has closed for winter (yes, there’s an outdoor pool and I can’t wait for next summer!). I’m also sure the pool will be perfect for when I slowly ease myself back into it all once my current back injury has healed itself enough.

Travel wise, we do have plans to visit Berlin in February, so watch this space. I’m also something like halfway through my epic “sights and spends” post on Stockholm, which I really hope will prove to be a comprehensive guide to a family city break in Sweden’s capital. It’ll be published soon – I promise!

Next stop = Berlin!

There’s nothing on the cards in terms of European Christmas markets for us this year, but if you fancy checking out our past trips to German markets, have a look at this post. Fingers crossed a festive city break will be on the agenda again next year…

Until next time x

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