A New Window To The World

Last Sunday my family and I embarked on a journey into the current age. You know, the one that includes smart phones. It all started with an online search and finding out the people in pink, T-Mobile, were leading the charge on something special. Quality service but much cheaper than anyone else! So we walked into our local T-Mobile store and liked what we heard when it came to cell phone plans. Soon enough we found ourselves in the Microsoft store taking a look at the new windows phone. It wasn’t the best, wasn’t packing the supreme specs, but at only $69 its performance to price impressed both me and my parents. We bought four of them (one for each family member).Finally! The start of my smartphone experience!

New Windows Phone

I use my core tech items every single day!

This is a new blog series I call, The Life of a Techie. The whole experience overall has been a very easy switch. Now since this is more of a look into the life, or experience of these events, I get to show you two very different perspectives. That of my parents and yours truly.

The Tech Wiz: Being the more knowledgeable in the world of technology I would have to say the switch has been like second nature for me. Everything about the switch and the whole process has been smooth and rather quite fun. Yes, I did get a windows phone and in my next blog I will focus more on the device itself. But joining the Windows ecosystem has been very simple then any other swtich I have contemplated in the past. To give Microsoft credit – it wasn’t hard to get into their ecosystem since they play nice with other companies like Apple. And overall I would have to say that they have impressed me greatly with the usability. And I might be deliriously happy to finally have a smartphone!

New Windows Phone

A sneak peak of the phone! I’m hiding it in its case for the next review.

The Parents: This can always be a interesting and tough experience in both the learning side and application but surprisingly its been pretty easy. They too have the same Windows Phone and both have gotten into the whole program with no problems. Mom and Dad have told me that they enjoy the interface very much so and both downloaded apps before me! Even more shocking is my mother has already discovered and used the Bing voice easily without my help. Miracles still happen people…this is just amazing to me, especially since she hasn’t used Siri on her iPad yet. I would say that they have gotten right down into it without problem. Which I have to say makes it so much more easy for me (relief face).

New Windows Phone

So happy to have a smartphone!!!

The experience for both my parents and I has actually been stress free, which I would say is quite surprising since I would thought the switch for all of us would be tough. But that’s the great side of technology sometimes it can surprise you in ways you never thought were possible. Now for some or most of you who already have smartphones you know my excitement. I will say that Microsoft freshens up the market. Having played with an iPhone for hours (even the newer ones) my “low end” windows phone doesn’t lack in any way but just does a solid job. Now it does do without some features like flash or NFC. But that’s for next time. Maybe I’m crazy for switching but the more people I ask the more I hear positive feedback on their Microsoft experience.

Are you a Mac or a PC? Which products do you have and love? Let me know!