A Few Adventures We Had This Past Week

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This past weekend was Labor Day weekend. This is usually when people try to get in one last hurrah before summer unofficially ends. I wish I could say we went camping or took a road trip to the beach, but that’s not the case. But hey, we still had fun! 

First, I am going to backtrack to this past Wednesday just because, well, we did something awesome. Have you ever heard of a play cafe? I hadn’t until I started interacting with a group of local moms. On Wednesday Aaron and I went on a play date at one of these play cafes and I can’t believe it took so long for me to check one of these places out! Seriously, this place is amazing. 


It’s pretty much an indoor playground with different stations and good quality toys. 


Naturally Aaron went for the giant firetruck first. He also loved the market station with the play food and cash register.


If you live in central Ohio, you should definitely check out the Little Green House Play Cafe. Or Google play cafes in your area. We did have to pay $5 but that buys you as much play time as you’d like. We stayed for about two hours and I felt that I got my money’s worth. Aaron really loved it there. And I love that I found a safe place for him to run around and play where I can keep an eye on him and chat with fellow parents at the same time! 

10635839_10153150831907519_9130973729076817592_n   Now we can jump forward a couple days to the weekend. We had some friends drive down from Pennsylvania to stay with us for a couple days, so we used them as an excuse to get out of the house and have some fun. They showed up a little later than expected on Saturday, so we decided to spend a couple hours at a local “fun center”. We pretty much spent the afternoon in an arcade, playing games and winning tickets. It was Aaron’s first time in a place like that. 


  He and his daddy did a whole bunch of driving. 

mm rides

Once we were all tired and out of tokens, we cashed in our tickets and Aaron ended up with a giant inflatable crayon. He’s quite fond of it, too. 


The next day, Sunday, started out very rainy and miserable. But our friends really wanted to check out the Columbus Zoo, so we packed a couple of umbrellas and headed out! We were quite lucky though because by the time we got to the zoo the rain had stopped. So now I will spam you with pictures of Aaron… at the zoo!    

It has been a few months since our last visit to the zoo. At that time Aaron was still too young to really enjoy himself. But this time, he was quite excited! 

at the zoo!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, my son is not much for having his picture taken. He doesn’t look at the camera and catching a smile is sometimes difficult.
with mommy and daddy

This was Aaron’s first time at a petting zoo! He kept calling the goats doggies, which I found to be endearing. At least he wasn’t afraid of them!petting zoo


The Columbus Zoo recently opened their newest exhibit, the Heart of Africa. This was our first time seeing it! Quite impressive. 

heart of africa

I came across this little gem, which I approve of. While I believe that mothers should feel free and confident to nurse in public, it is certainly nice to have the option to sit in an air conditioned room on a hot day! 

nursing station

Checking out some monkeys.

checking out the monkeys

This little momma was nursing and grooming her baby! When I told my husband about it he asked if she was using the nursing station. He thinks he’s so funny. 

nursing monkey

Future air plane pilot! And yes, Aaron underwent a wardrobe change. Splashing in some puddles left his clothes rather damp.

airplane pilot

Playing the drums! I love that look of pure joy on his face. And no, I don’t think that a drum set will EVER be a good gift idea. Nope. Not in this house. We’ll save that joy for the zoo. playing the drums

Time to take a break for some over priced zoo food!

zoo food

After lunch we took a boat ride around Dinosaur Island! Aaron was fascinated by all the dinos.

dino ride
Fish (or “ish”) are always a hit! fish
At the touch pool. Naturally all Aaron wanted to do was splash in the water. 

touch pool

At the gift shop Aaron was attacked by a wild iguana puppet! 

And then he met Mr. Ostrich. 
ostrich 1

And fell in love. He even gave Mr. Ostrich puppet a kiss and a hug. And it broke my heart that we couldn’t afford to buy it for him. ostrich 2
After a long, hot, muggy, wonderful day this little man was worn out. 



We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend full of fun and family lovin’. What did you do over the holiday weekend? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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