A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled High School Family, by Apryl

My day begins with the sound of a dog running down the stairs, followed by the stomp of teenage feet.  It would be Miranda, my early riser, letting our dog out.  I glance over at the clock.


I get up and make my way into the kitchen, and Miranda is sitting at the table with her laptop, working on an experiment for Marine Biology.  Shaking my head in wonder at her ability to function so early, I make myself a cup of coffee and coconut milk.

Miranda likes the quiet of early morning, and she often gets up before the rest of the girls. Her preference is to get her schoolwork done as soon as possible, so that she can have the rest of the day free.

My husband, who is also an early riser, is usually the only other one up before 7AM. He works from home and is usually on a call in his office by the time I arise. This week he is traveling and is in New York.

After making my coffee, I go upstairs to my desk and have a little quiet time. I try to have 30 minutes to wake up and get my brain going, but in reality it usually only lasts about 10 minutes or so before people start talking to me.

Miranda has relocated to her bedroom by now and is working on Geometry. She and Sarah are using Harold Jacobs’ Geometry. They are also doing Bible reading, Analytical Grammar, The Power in Your Hands (writing), and Mystery of History IV with supplemental reading. Miranda is doing Apologia’s Marine Biology for science.

They are also waiting for co-op to start in a couple of weeks, where Miranda will be taking Spanish II and Cooking, and Sarah will be taking Forensic Science (for her science credit), Latin II, Psychology, and Ball Room Dance.

The girls work mostly independently. I have their assignments written down in a master schedule, and they will copy their assignments into their own planner to work on at their own pace. They are expected to finish all assignments for a given day before bed that night.  They are usually finished by early afternoon.

I start catching up on my work for StS, while still infusing coffee.

Before long, Miranda comes to ask for help with a Geometry problem. We go over it, she finishes it up, and informs me that she is finished with all of her work for the day. She brings me her work and heads downstairs to make herself breakfast.

It is time to wake the other two girls, neither of whom are quite as ready to meet the day.

Five to ten minutes after I poke my head into their rooms to wake them up, they both wander out into the hall.

Kelsie talks to me for a few minutes about her hair and Anime, while Sarah disappears downstairs. While Kelsie takes a shower, Sarah comes back up and has me check her work from yesterday. After telling me she couldn’t find anything for breakfast (that she wants to eat) she heads off to her bedroom to work. She also likes to get her work done early, but doesn’t always start as early in the day as Miranda.

Meanwhile, Miranda has finished loading the dishwasher, a chore she didn’t get done the night before, and is in her room reading.

It is now 9:46AM. I head down to make myself a smoothie for breakfast and to see what state the kitchen is in.

The kitchen is in a bit of a mess, since we elected to have a girly movie night last night while Dad was away and did not do our after-dinner chores. I straighten it up while drinking my smoothie, and around 10:05 AM I finally get dressed. Sarah comes down while I am cleaning up the kitchen and asks for some clarification on her Geometry instructions.

The dog, cat, and I walk down to check the mail, and then I go work in the garden some.  After picking around a gallon of okra, I come back in, wash up, and check on Kelsie.

She is in her room working on her English assignments. She’s only working on a few subjects right now because her dual enrollment classes don’t start for another two weeks. Her main English curriculum is Excellence in Literature: World Lit, and she is currently working on The Odyssey.  She is also working through Poetry, Plato and the Problem of Truth. Her other subjects include Bible, Holt’s American Government, Statistics and Chinese at college, and she is reading through our history with us even though she doesn’t need the credit.

I poke my head into Sarah’s room to see how she is doing.

It is now 11:09AM, and I check back in on StS work. I am currently writing an article for the blog and working on getting author pages set up.

Around 11:15, Sarah comes and flops over the chair beside me and tells me she is done with school for the day. After playing around with the (broken) chair for a few minutes, she goes downstairs and begins cooking something involving tuna for lunch. I go back to work.

By 11:32, the smells coming from the kitchen are making my stomach growl, so I give up on my blog work for the moment and head downstairs.

She is making a grilled tuna sandwich, and lets me have part of her tuna salad. We eat lunch while watching the Cupcake Wars on TV. Then I make myself a second cup of coffee (decaf this time), throw a load of laundry in the wash, and head upstairs to work some more.

Around noon, Miranda wanders downstairs to eat lunch. It isn’t long before I hear her and Sarah horsing around. It sounds like a couple of lunatics having a wrestling match in the kitchen. This happens more often than I care to admit. They are still in their PJs, by the way. It is our school uniform, I think.

Kelsie is still in her room working on school and coughing up a lung. She has been fighting a bad cold this week.

Sarah plops down in the chair beside my desk and begins the daily ritual of trying to talk me into taking her somewhere. Always wanting to be on the go, that one. We do need to take some pants that don’t fit back to the store, so the promise of doing that this evening appeases her and she goes off to read. Miranda jumps in the shower and then goes back to her room to mess around on the computer.

I have some down time now, so I shift desks to my art area and work on coming up with a new project.

While I’m waiting for paint to dry on my project, I run downstairs and take a shower. Then it is back to my art work for another hour or so.

Kelsie is finished with her school work now, and is working on character sketches for her stories she writes. The other two are playing SIMS in separate rooms. It is 2PM.

By 3:30PM, everyone is showered and dressed and we head into town. I take them to the store so Sarah can exchange her pants, then we grab some dinner.

Afterward, we head over to the community college for New Dual Enrollment Student Orientation. At the orientation we learn how to navigate the online portal for the school, through which most communications will go. Then after going over some general guidelines and tips, we take a tour of the campus.

At this point, Miranda isn’t feeling well, so she and Sarah head back to the car to wait for us. After we find Kelsie’s classroom locations, we drive home.

Once we are home, the girls all just relax for the rest of the evening. After I talk to Tom on the phone to catch up on how our days went, I work on a few things on the computer and chat with fellow StS board members for a bit on Facebook.

The girls all start getting ready for bed around 10-10:30PM. They tell me good night and head to their rooms. They don’t usually go to sleep then, but I won’t see them again until morning. At their ages, it is up to them when they go to bed, and it isn’t uncommon for them to still be up and moving about when Tom and I go to bed.

Around 11:30PM I go to bed, ready to wake up and do it all again tomorrow.

ApryapryllBorn and raised in Tennessee, Apryl is a southern girl at heart.  She lives out in the country with her husband and her three daughters. She is an artist, photographer and a homeschooler.  After having an unfulfilling public school education herself, and struggling to find peace with the education her girls were receiving in the public school system, she made the choice to homeschool.  When they began their homeschool journey, the girls were in the third and sixth grades.  Now she is happily coaching three teenaged daughters through their high school years.  You can visit her blog at Following Him Home

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