7 Reasons to Learn to Scuba Dive

While in Thailand, I came as close to achieving my life long dream of becoming a mermaid as I will probably ever get — I got PADI certified and learned to scuba dive! Scuba diving is probably the coolest thing I have ever and will ever do. It’s also a badass sport in general! I mean you breath underwater (basically a super power!) and swim next to sharks. Hopefully, I can convince you to join me under the sea! These are just some of the reasons to learn to scuba dive.

Challenge yourself!

Scuba diving is challenging. Facing down some of your fears is just one of the reasons to learn to scuba dive and they payoff is worth it! Scuba can be dangerous but you’ll learn everything you need to know in your certification class and with each dive will feel more confident in your abilities.

See Fish Outside An Aquarium-

Guys, this is your real-life chance to find Nemo! But seriously, seeing marine life in the ocean is countless times better than seeing it in a tank. You can swim among a school of fish or see how fish interact with one another in a coral reef. Once you’ve dove, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the creatures that call the ocean home!

Do it for the Insta

Make your friends back home jealous with your amazing photos of underwater life! Nothing says wish you were here like a #sharkselfie!


Make new friends

Scuba divers are the coolest people you’ll ever meet! The type of people who scuba dive are the type of people you want to be around— interesting and always up for an adventure! Scuba has a great community, so you’re bound to make a new friend or two on a dive boat. Also, if your lucky and live within a few hours of the ocean, you can take your new hobby home with you, as most major coastal cities have scuba meet ups. Check your local dive school or meetups.com.

Zen Out

Scuba diving is the ultimate relaxation technique! Seriously, there is nothing more zen then swimming alongside a school of fish, 30 meters deep, with only the sound of your own breath. It’s the ultimate alone time, surrounded by bunches of fish

It never gets boring

There are so many reasons to learn to scuba dive, but this one is my favorite! There is a joke among scuba divers that you can go on the same dive every day and not get bored. It’s true! You’re exploring wildlife so it’s never going to be the same thing every time. Some days you might get lucky and see a whale shark! Other dives you might find beauty in seeing the same clown fish guarding its anemone day after day. Even divers with hundreds of dives under their belt still get awed now and again. Every dive is a brand new adventure!


A Whole New Bucket List

The cool thing about scuba is that it will open your eyes to hundreds of new destinations. Since I got certified, I’ve added at least 20 new destinations that I absolutely must dive. They say that getting scuba certified changes the way you travel for the rest of your life. If thats true there’s a lot of sunshine, amazing marine life and beautiful beaches in your future!

I hope that these reasons to learn to scuba dive convinced you that life is better in a wetsuit and fins! If you’re interested in trying it yourself, check out Lonely Planet’s guide for the best destinations to learn to scuba dive. See you under the sea!

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by Kassie- The Fly Away Life