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It’s no secret that blogging success doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to run a blog; it’s something that can only be done if you are passionate about it. Today, we are going to be talking about how to increase your blog page views with the ultimate goal of driving more traffic to your blog.

I’m a stats person, and I always will be. For me, it’s just a great way to measure what’s working and what’s not working. I’ve had many bloggers ask me recently how I’ve been able to spread my content and increase my page views in the past 6 months. The truth is, what works for me may not work of you, and vice-versa. Blogging is a very personal journey where you have to find a happy medium between taking others’ advice, yet implementing your own strategy. So please don’t look at me as someone who has all the answers, but rather as someone who is hoping to suggest a new idea that you perhaps maybe have never tried before.

I’m a firm believer that if you work really, really, REALLY hard, good things will happen.

My blog page views nearly doubled from December to this January, and I am very happy to try to give you any advice that I can. Today, I’m going to share with you a list of strategies that have personally worked of me, along with additional information that may help you that I haven’t tried just yet. I hope that you find a few new strategies from this post and try them out! You will see that I’ve organized this post in chunks for beginner bloggers, intermediate bloggers and advanced bloggers. This way, I hope this post will be valuable for all types of bloggers out there!

Beginner //

1.) Start with content. You MUST focus on quality content before you even begin to THINK about sharing your posts with others. Write honest and intentionally, like it’s the last piece that you will every write.

2.) Now that you have great content, show it off! Be sure your blog posts are easy to share. You can make your posts shareable by installing a social media sharing plug-in.

3.) Make sure your posts have strong SEO (search engine optimization), meaning that your blog will likely pop up in a Google search. I highly encourage you to install Yoast’s SEO plug-in to help with this.

4.) Make sure your blog posts are at least 300 words for SEO.

5.) Guest post for another blogger.

6.) Have a section of your most popular posts on your sidebar. I’m always really interested in seeing what the most popular posts are by my favorite bloggers!

7.) Start a Facebook page for your blog to share your posts.

8.) Tell your friends and family to tell their friends. Word of mouth goes is one of the best ways to establish credibility!

9.) Comment on other blogs.

10.) Make sure your site is easy to navigate.  In addition, make sure that your site looks pretty when it’s on mobile devices as well!

11.) Email other bloggers to collaborate.

12.) Join link-ups.

13.) Start a Twitter account for your blog to share your blog posts.

14.) Post regularly. BUT remember my golden rule- make sure it’s INTENTIONAL, VALUABLE content! Don’t just “post to post.”

15.) Install a hover “Pin It” button for your images. Make sure these images are pin-worthy content! If you need help with that, go here.

16.) Participate in “Follow Fridays” on social media. By featuring other bloggers, they may return the favor!

Intermediate //

17.) Join a Facebook blogging community. My personal favorite that I’m a part of is Blog Passion Project!

18.) Host a giveaway to bring in new readers. (Psst! I’m hosting on this upcoming Monday on my Instagram! Stay tuned!)

19.) Write a “Top 10” post or a “10 Reasons Why” post. List posts are more likely to be shared because they provide the reader with some sort of helpful information. However, make sure you mix it up and don’t post these kinds of posts every day. Your readers will likely get bored with them.

20.) Hyperlink old blog posts in new posts.

21.) Utilize Stumbleupon for viral traffic. Take part in Stumbleupon threads on Facebook.

22.) Do a round-up. Sharing other blogger’s work will likely encourage them to share your post with their own audience.

23.) Start a weekly or monthly newsletter. You can do so with the service Mailchimp. (Oh, and you can sign up for mine on my sidebar!)

24.) Share your best work on your personal Facebook page.

25.) Create a “How-to” guide. If your content is USEFUL and VALUABLE, it will be shared. (Are you noticing a theme here yet?!)

26.) If you have a large enough following, ask your Facebook audience to tag someone they know who would relate to your latest post. Example “Tag someone you know who is getting married!”

27.) At the end of each post, add a “You might also like these posts!” section, listing past blog posts in the same niche or category.

28.) Go back to old blog posts and update them. Make them more Pin-worthy or more SEO optimized. Update those old pictures.

29.) Use Wisestamp to create an email signature, and link your blog!

30.) Make sure you are personable, both on your blog and communicating outside of your blog (social media & emailing.) I have come across some AWESOME blogs before but have ditched them because the blogger never responded to ANY blog comments on their site. NOT cool to neglect your readers, dude.

31.) Write about a trending or controversial topic. Need help? Here’s an example of a controversial post I wrote.

Advanced //

32.) Use an automatic Pinterest scheduling service such as Boardbooster to schedule your pins out.

33.) Make business cards. Post them on bulletin boards around your city or town. Leave them with a waitress every time you go out to eat. Let your passion be known, and don’t be ashamed about it!

34.) Submit your blog posts to popular mediums such as the Huffington Post.

35.) Make sure your blog doesn’t seem like a walking advertisement. Write your sponsored posts in a style that will HELP your readers, not deter them away from your blog.

36.) Attend a blogging conference to network with other bloggers and companies.

37.) Make a media kit and pitch yourself to companies you’d like to work with. You might get published on their social media, thus bringing traffic back to your blog.

38.) Designate a day of the week to write your “Emergency Posting” drafts. That way, whenever you are in a time crunch and can’t make your posting deadline, you have a post ready to go.

39.) If you’re making enough money, hire a Virtual Assistant to help you on the more tedious tasks (emails, social media, sending out newsletters, etc.) so YOU can focus more on creating valuable content.

40.) Are you a crafter or DIYer? Attend a local farmer’s market and sell some of your goods. Pitch your blog while you’re there, and don’t forget to hand out those business cards!

41.) Interview someone who is well-known. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to interview my fashion icon Brittney Kelly, wife of Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and CEO of Tribe Kelley! My advice: You miss 100% of the shots you never take!

42.) Start an e-Course that will draw non-readers in. What is a need that you have found that needs to be fulfilled? Think on it and act.

43.) Take a poll and ask your readers which posts are their favorite. Gather data and use it to tailor to your readers’ needs and interests.

44.) Write your local newspaper or news station to be featured.

45.) HUSTLE. HUSTLE. HUSTLE. Guys. Pageviews aren’t going to dramatically increase overnight unless you get lucky and a post goes viral. Ditch the sleep, grab a cup of coffee, and work your ass off. Usually in those moments where you feel the most overwhelmed, good things happen.


Do you have any suggestions for increasing blog page views? What has worked for you, and what hasn’t? Please feel free to leave me a comment below!

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