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Back in high school, I had a friend who used to wear all black on Valentine’s Day as a means to “boycott” the holiday. That wasn’t really my thing. I’m a lover of all holidays, no matter what my relationship status is. I have always loved Valentine’s Day, because it is a day dedicated to showing compassion for others….. and eating chocolate. My friends and I used to buy eachother Valentine’s day “Candy Grams” via our school fundraiser, a special card where you could write handwritten messages and and sent them to be delivered to a classroom throughout the school day. As I sit here and recall back to those days, I can remember the anticipation of hoping I would receive a candy gram- if not from a boy, hopefully from a friend. And my friends always had my back! In addition, my mom always made the holiday special for us, and it was something I always looked forward to coming home from school.

Another Valentine’s Day is quickly sneaking up on us, and I know that many of you have mixed feelings about it. Today’s post is dedicated to all my single ladies! Are you dreading this upcoming holiday? Does the mention of Valentine’s Day make your stomach churn? Although sometimes it’s tempting to say “to hell with it” because of it reminds you of your single status, you don’t have to boycott the holiday.

You can choose to celebrate yourself. Love yourself. Spoil yourself. 

Self-love is so important, friends. A few weeks back, I published this post about how you must  love yourself before loving another. And this holds true even on Valentine’s Day! Whatever your current relationship status is; whether you are going through a breakup, divorced, or even happily in love, remember that our best relationship is with ourselves. Just like when we are in a relationship with another, we deserve to spoil ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and love ourselves.

Here are 3 easy ways you can celebrate YOU on Valentine’s Day:

1.) Pick up your Galentine

Have any other single friends? Dedicate a night to ladies night. Dress up, go out for dinner, buy a nice bottle of wine, and celebrate your friendship. Dancing on top of the bar, anyone?

2.) Date night in with yourself

Sometimes, we shudder at the thought of spending a night alone to ourselves. Personally, being the ambivert that I am, I crave alone time. It rejuvenates me. In my opinion, a perfect night is slipping in some cozy jammie’s, ordering a pizza, pouring myself a glass of wine, and watching Netflix. Maybe I’m lame, but alone time is crucial for me to refresh.

3.) At-home spa time 

For one night, don’t clean, take your work home with you, or stress about the next’s days activities. Dedicate a night simply to relaxation. Take a bubble path. Paint your nails. Make a homemade clay mask. Drink some wine. (Am I seeing a theme here?!) 😉

4.) Splurge on yourself

Whether that means going shopping, getting a massage, buying some fresh roses for your kitchen table, or simply indulging in some quality chocolate. Sometimes, a girl just needs to throw a couple dollar bills around to feel good about herself! 😉 I know that whenever I come home with fresh flowers from the farmer’s market, I can’t wipe the smile off my face.


Just remember- Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spread love to a significant other! I don’t believe in the phrase “Singles Awareness Day”- I think that just shows our insecurity that we cannot stand to be alone.

“When you’re at peace with yourself, you can embrace the silence. Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely.” -Thelma Davis

Thanks so much for reading! How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Leave me a comment below!

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