4 Things My Toddler Does That I Wish I Could Do

From dancing when it’s raining to tantruming when it’s not, my toddler does it all. Here I’m going to talk about four other things that my toddler does that I seriously wish I could do, each and every day. While there are many other things I also wish I could do, these are the ones I wish I could do more often than the others. If I listed them all, we’d be here all day, seriously. And this would be a novel instead of a blog post.

Every day.

Every day I find myself slightly jealous of my own daughter. She gets to do things that I want to do! Why can’t I do them? Whine, whine. I shouldn’t even be whining, because that’s not an adult thing to do, right? I need to make food! Clean up the house! Do laundry! Feed the cats! Avoid sweets and junk food because I’m trying to lose weight! Don’t eat the brownies, Kat, don’t do it! Throw them over the fence! Flush them down the toilet! Don’t eat them!


It’s seriously about three cacti worth of fun.

But my daughter…she gets to do all kinds of things I wish I could do. She gets to have all of the fun. I’ve been around for 26 years and I get no rewards for surviving this long, but my 14 month old daughter…

She Gets to Nap

I think the most coveting thing children do that we can’t usually do is sleep. Winter sleeps 11 hours at night and then another 2 during the day. That’s over HALF of a day! She sleeps over half her day away. How many of us can say we are that lucky? If I’m half as lucky as her, I can sneak in a little half an hour nap while she naps. But then I need to get up and do the adult stuff I’m supposed to do every day, which often involves cleaning up after her while she snoozes and dreams of ponies. Then…

She Gets to Wreck Everything

We have these magnets on the fridge just for Winter. They actually spell her name, and she enjoys sticking them in the crack between the freezer and the fridge. It’s adorable, until she picks one up and starts slamming it into the fridge until the magnet part comes out (or the plastic letter starts to chip). Who has to figure out how to fix it after she’s done ruining it? Yep, mommy. MOMMY DOES. Mommy loves super glue, by the way. Super glue, my vacuum, and diapers and wipes: my mommy essentials.

She Gets to Poop Herself and Not Be Embarassed

We’ve all been there at some point of our lives, preferably before the age of 12, but hey…it can happen any time. See, Winter just poops without hesitation, though. She doesn’t have to scramble for the bathroom when she’s sick and it’s coming out both ends. She doesn’t have to walk awkwardly to the toilet. She gets to huff and puff a little, get it all out, and then resume playing.  Most of the time she doesn’t even notice or care that she just pooped, either. She’s pooped three times today. I just washed diapers, too. Good thing.

Finally: She  Gets to Love Unconditionally

Bam! Right in the feels, right?

Honestly, I think this is the thing I am most jealous of. As my daughter grows and develops, her ability to love grows, too. It stretches and changes and becomes something deeper and more meaningful. Even now she comes to me for cuddles, or smiles at me when I say hello, or depends on me to make it all better. She loves me, even when I screw up her lunch or forget to do a load of laundry so she’s crawling around without pants on. I wish I could forgive or love that easily, but I think somewhere along the line, instead of letting our love grow or feeding that side of us, we get experience and wisdom and anger and things change. It’s not necessarily bad that things change, but they change all the same. She prioritizes love, play, learning. I don’t get to do that sometimes (or even most of the time). On the same note, I am so happy she gets to. 

So there you have it! Those are the four things I’m jealous that my daughter gets to do and I don’t, but even so…she’s experiencing things I did ONCE get to do…at some point…somewhere…which I’m so glad I get to give her an opportunity to do.