4 Things I Wish My Mom Would Have Told Me About Having a Daughter

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My goodness, what an experience it has been not only having a child, but having a daughter! I went from not thinking I could have kids at all to having a squalling, demanding infant in my arms without a second thought. It is strange and glorious as well as just plain weird.

While I do have plenty of moms to turn to, and while I have never been short on adopted ones, I still didn’t have many of them growing up…which means I didn’t really get to see how a mother interacts with a daughter until my teens. By then, as many of you mommies know (I see that smirk), the relationship is incredibly different. These moms, despite their best efforts and all the love they could give me, didn’t raise me. And that kind of means I wasn’t prepared to handle a child any younger than say, oh, 15.

That’s fifteen years of mommying I had noooo idea how to handle. Decade and a half, y’all. And they don’t come out anywhere near that experienced.

So really, here are the four things I’ve already learned from my eight month old daughter that I had no idea about before I became a mommy at all. 

Girls are Drama Queens from Day One

Whomever says that babies can’t be dramatic has never met my baby. Whomever says that baby can’t be dramatic hasn’t met any female baby ever. I’m not trying to be sexist, I promise. But while little boys have their own personality quirks, girls really have the drama instilled from the start. My little girl is bold, stubborn, and demands any and all of your attention. Some girls are quiet, reserved, but still demand all of your attention. Some express their drama with full out stomping fits and some demand it with coy looks and quiet whines, but they’re all dramatic. They’re adorable, cute, disgustingly wonderful drama queens.

You Can Never Have Enough Cute Pink Things

Again, totally not trying to be sexist…I dress Winter in all kinds of stuff, and blue and yellow and red are all on that list of things I dress her in. However, they make really stinking cute pink things. 



Seriously, HOW CAN YOU RESIST ADORABLE THINGS LIKE THIS? Even if this IS $26, and you just bought an arsenal of cute pink stuff yesterday, JUST…HOW CAN YOU RESIST? You can’t, I tell you. You just can’t. There is no resisting the cuteness. You buy it, dang it. You buy it with your last dollar. You buy it until the cows come home. And then you watch helplessly as your baby outgrows it after it’s been worn one or two times. 

Girls Aren’t All Frilly from the Start: They Still Laugh at Farts

You heard me. Little girls – in my experience, at least – start out just being humans. They don’t know if they’re boys or if they’re girls, but they do know that when they fart that it’s hilarious, especially if they do it a bunch of times in a row. My eight month old was laughing at her own bodily functions around six months of age, and to this day she still thinks they’re hilarious. I’m not here to debate whether we train girls to be girly or if they are from the start…I’m just here to say that burping is hilarious. 

They Look Like You, Smell Like You, Act Like You – But They Aren’t

My daughter looks a lot like me and my husband, and after she stopped smelling like “baby” (which reminds me of a combination of Fritos and baby powder), she started smelling a lot like us. This makes sense, of course, because she sleeps with us, has her clothes washed in the same detergent, and even eats what we eat so…of course she smells like us. She’s also a pistol, and can be quite challenging, bossy and grabby, and it is in these moments I realize she is just channeling her mommy. But my child is nothing like me in a lot of ways. Yeah, it’s true, she’s eight months old and being able to tell how and who she is going to be at eight months old is sort of impossible. However, I can already see tendencies to not be like me. Winter acts like she doesn’t like comfort, but she thrives on it. She likes to explore, but she gets frustrated with herself and gives up and demands she be picked up. She’s also a diva. I am far from a diva. I am so low maintenance that there are mornings I forget if I’ve showered or not. I don’t think Winter will be like this. She already isn’t. She’s already becoming her own individual, much to my chagrin.

Anyway, I wish my mom had been around to teach me these things. But since she wasn’t I get to explore and learn them on my own…just one more adventure in mommyhood for me. 

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