4.5 Year Update: O

I started to write updates on O’s development around 6 months ago, and definitely plan to keep it going.  Here is the last update on O’s 4th birthday – and so much has changed since then!

It’s been around 6 months since I last wrote an update for you – and I was keeping a rather huge secret from you at the time too.  Now, you are well aware and extremely excited for the arrival of a new baby.  You will be the best big brother, I’m sure, as you are so kind and loving.  Baby is due any day really, now that I’ve reached 36 weeks pregnant!

Just after your 4th birthday, we visited Alicante with all of Daddy’s family, to go to his cousin’s wedding.  We stayed in a Villa for a week and you had the best time!  You loved building sandcastles on the beach with your cousin L, jumping in and out of the waves and burying each other in the sand.  You also had a great time visiting the water park there and going down all the big slides – something we’ve never taken you to on previous holidays.

Only a couple of days after we returned from holiday, it was time to start school – proper school, in Reception class!  You took to it like a duck to water, you are such a stickler for a good routine and you definitely get that at school.  You have loved making so many new friends, enjoy playing with them all in and out of class and love your school dinners.  Your favourite is Egg Baguette and Vegetable Soup with a piece of Chocolate Cake for pudding – you definitely have a sweet tooth like your Mummy!

You’ve come on leaps and bounds in the last 6 months – now you can write most letters of the alphabet clearly, even if you do get your ‘b’s and ‘d’s mixed up (which is super cute, by the way).  You love to write your name in birthday and occasion cards that we send and your fine motor skills have really improved, allowing you to colour pictures in beautifully.  You have also really progressed with your reading skills.  Considering you couldn’t read anything but your name before you joined Primary school, I’m extremely proud that you’ve reached Stage 2 in your reading and seem to be sailing through this level too.  Wherever we may be, you’re always trying to read the words you see – whether it be on advertising billboards and shop windows in town, walking around the supermarket or on the TV guide; you never stop trying.  Phonics is a great way to learn to read, and you’ve picked up the sounds so easily, but you do question why there are some words in the English language that don’t follow suit.  I wish I had the answers – it’s an incredibly difficult language to learn!

We visited Edinburgh for, what was supposed to be a day trip, the first weekend in December when our home County was hit terribly with flooding.  Our trains were cancelled and we ended up spending two nights in Edinburgh when we had only planned a day trip.  You thought it was brilliant – and, to be fair, we all did enjoy the break despite the stress of having to find an hotel room at the very last minute.

You still refer to our visit to Scotland as ‘when we slept in the beds with no pyjamas’!  We did get to see a performance of Stick Man on stage, which you thought was fabulous, we visited the Scottish National Museum and saw lots of Dinosaur bones, and took a trip to Edinburgh Castle to see the Crown Jewels.  You loved every minute of us being away – even loved the train journeys.

This Winter also saw your last Christmas as an only child and for us as a family of three.  I haven’t had much time to write recently so never got around to writing a Christmas post this year which is a shame.  We spent our first Christmas at home this year though, which was really good fun.  You came through into our bedroom in the morning, and didn’t seem to register that Santa had possibly visited!  When we eventually persuaded you to go downstairs, you were soon ripping into your pile of presents.  Your favourite toy to have received was a large Scalextrix track from Mummy and Daddy, and a whole load of Hot Wheels products from other family members.  You do love your cars!  Grandma and Granda came to visit briefly in the morning and Nana C and Granda J spent the day with us.  Daddy cooked an awesome Christmas Dinner too that you had helped to prepare on Christmas Eve – you love to help in the kitchen.

We’ve just enjoyed our last school holiday together as just us, spending some real quality time together doing some baking, visiting the library, the museum and playing games at home.  You are obsessed with playing football and have started attending classes at the weekend to improve your skills.  You really love it and have been awarded the Best Player award and Player with the Most Positive Attitude award since you started in January.  We are incredibly proud of the kind, generous, loving and funny little boy that you have become and look forward to seeing you embrace your next chapter in life: becoming a big brother.

Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx