3 Things I Wish I Would Have Told My Teachers

This one goes out to all of my hard working, influential teachers I had growing up. Here are three things I regret not telling you while I was in school.

1.) What you do matters.

I still remember when in Kindergarten you made me stay after school because you caught me bullying a child getting on the bus. You were disappointed in me and scolded me that I was better than that. Your comments stuck with me to this day, and I still feel sorry for hurting that boy’s feelings. What you do matters.

I still remember when in the 3rd grade you told me that you would buy my first published book someday when I was a famous author. To this day, I still love to write and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I do so because of your words of encouragement. You inspired me to keep writing and to always believe in myself. What you do matters.

I still remember when in high school you helped me grow into a leader with the National Honor Society and wrote me a wonderful letter of recommendation. That letter admitted me into my top choice of college, and I now aspire to be a school counselor so I can guide others as you unselfishly guided me. What you do matters.

You may not realize it at the time, but each and every day you had been shaping me into the individual that I am today. Your thoughtful words of encouragement and hard work built the foundation of my self-esteem and knowledge base. Because of your praise and confidence you instilled in me, I am a better person. Those moments you may never remember have stuck with me and taught me valuable lessons throughout the years. Thank you.

2.) Thank you for pushing me to reach my full potential.

I still remember when in the 7th grade you pushed me run for Student Council because you thought I was a natural born leader. That gave me confidence to later run for various leadership positions in high school and college, which ultimately helped build my resume and become a better-rounded individual. Thank you for the push.

I still remember when in my junior year of high school you told me to register for College Credit history because you I knew that I was capable and needed to be challenged and prepared for college classes. This class benefited me more than you will ever know, ultimately helping me build ­­study habits that have stuck with me for life and refining my writing and critical thinking skills. Thank you for the push.

I still remember when in my senior year taking a College Credit literature class you gave me a C on my first paper. I was baffled and upset with this because English was my best subject and never had I been given a C on a paper before. This taught me to put my full heart into my work and to never slack off. Thank you for the push.

By pushing me, you helped me reach for my goals and not quit until I succeeded. You helped define me as a person by teaching me to never settle for anything but my best. Thank you.

3.) I respect what you do, and I think you’re amazing.

Day in and day out, you come to work with a positive attitude and a passion for teaching. You spend your time at home planning lessons and grading papers until the wee hours of the night instead of having your night off. It takes a special person to be surrounded by kids every day and to be responsible for their learning and growing. You carry more than just the label of teacher; you carry the label of mentor, guider, and caregiver. Thank you for doing what you do. You are the first educator of future doctors, lawyers, vets, presidents, and all other beings in this world who grow up to make a difference.

Because at some point in their lives, these people were guided and encouraged by someone who believed in them. Someone like you.

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