3 Simple Secret DIY Storage Ideas

I think everyone has wanted a “secret storage compartment” at some point, even if it was just when they were kids wanting to hide our favorite toys or are diary.

On top of that, do you notice that your kids always tend to get their hands in things they shouldn’t? I know I did and I’m willing to bet that yours do too. Whether it’s toothpaste or ketchup paintings on the wall it can seem like nowhere is out of reach for them, no matter how short they are. Storing valuables then becomes very important if you don’t want to find your expensive necklace in pieces or, heaven forbid, any weapons you might have in their hands. You probably already prepared for this by purchasing a gun safe for you weapons if you have any but extra safes are not a bad idea for jewelry and other valuables as well. If you aren’t necessarily worried about cost but still would like to keep things away from your children, or any unwelcome intruders into your home, secret storage just might be the solution for you.

Secret storage is storage that is just that: secret. It hides in plain sight. Secret storage is also handy if you are running out of storage space as it typically optimizes unique spaces in your house you can’t use for much else and turns furniture into dual-purpose items. To give you some ideas, and maybe get you started, below are three pieces of furniture that can be used for secret storage.

Ottoman Storage

You know that footstool in your living room? Well that’s a great piece to make into a secret storage space. It’s in a box shape already so all you need to do is open it up, hollow it out and make the top removable.

Making the top removable is not as difficult as it sounds. Simply separating the top from the body, and carefully applying hinges underneath will make your storage area easily accessible to the person who knows it’s there.

You can also purchase many footstools that already moonlight as storage. Buying one might be the easier, and cheaper, option for you depending on the footstool you have now.

Bookcase Storage

If you like classic spy novels you’ll love this DIY project. It involves cutting out the spines of a few books and gluing them to the side of a box that fits on one of your bookshelves. This is probably going to be the easiest project of the three for you to do and it is great for hiding small items in high places from children. Also what home intruder do you know that will take the time to rummage through all your books on the bookcase for hidden stash?

Bed Storage

Everyone knows space under the bed is basically storage space to begin with. But, unfortunately kids tend to be good at crawling into these nooks so you might be a little adverse to hiding anything valuable in there. It’s easy to fix this reservation though by building some side paneling on your bed so that it looks like there is nothing under there. This kind of bed storage can also bought as a bed base but it is relatively easy to do yourself as well.