3 Reasons To Include Cairns in Your Great Aussie Adventure



In balmy, tropical North Queensland, Cairns is “the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef”, the door to the Daintree Rainforest and home to one of the world’s most unique scenic railways. 

If Home & Away was your primary source of intelligence on the topic, you could be forgiven for presuming all that awaits you “down under” is a holiday in the sun, that obviously require a surfboard, just like the rest of the people in Summer Bay, right? Wrong! Along with it’s divine sun and sensational surf, Australia’s coastline boasts some incredible cities that are thriving hubs for a range of travellers. Melbourne has actually been voted the most livable city in the world five years in a row now! Of course, when it comes to nature, the spectacular beauty and diversity on show here, is quite frankly, breathtaking. 

It’s often said that when the first ships landed in Australia, the settlers found it close to uninhabitable. No such problem awaits you now. So what’s taking you so long? Of the many places you need to see while you’re in Australia, you can’t call any “big aussie adventure”, an actual adventure, if it doesn’t include Cairns. How one place can sit at the gateway to so many natural wonders is astonishing, making it a great base from which to explore some of Australia’s most rewarding destinations.


Cairns is dubbed “the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef”, which most of us will easily recognise as one of the wonders of the modern world. The largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is home to an enormously mesmerising and vibrant marine ecosystem; unsurprisingly, diving trips, snorkeling adventures and cruises around the reef are a major draw card for anyone visiting the area. 


If you’re into spectacular scenery and nature, then taking the time to really venture in and explore the Daintree rainforest is going to be well worth your time; Chances are there are thousands of species of animals and plants thriving right there that you won’t have ever seen before.  Cairns tours that don’t stop off here realistically aren’t getting the full picture.

The forest is overlooked over by a 23-meter high canopy tower. This gives you a view over the area that just can’t be matched. There are art and craft galleries and an interpretative boardwalk that gives you the chance to get close to everything. Don’t forget the unique tropical fruits and a range of cafes and shops showcasing the best of Daintree. In short, it’s heaven.


It is a view widely held that the best way to see nature is by moving through it rather than gazing from afar. While this might not be true of a live volcano, it is certainly true of the area around Kuranda, where the railway winds through far North Queensland’s World Heritage-Listed rainforest to the hilltop village of Kuranda.

Take the railway up and the Skyrail down to enjoy two distinct experiences of a real tropical rainforest. The railway is an engineering miracle and winds through rugged mountains, tunnels and across skinny bridges in lovely timber carriages. The Skyrail gondolas slide 7½ kilometres across the canopy and down into the forest. Jump on and off at the two mid-stations along the way for a closer look.

Come to Cairns and rest assured, you will understand why so many people have this particular part of  Australia right atop their travel bucket list. For holidaying Australians and global travellers alike, it is quite something to behold.

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