3 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

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My senior year of college, I had the most embarrassing 10 minutes of my life.

I was lifting weights at my university Strength Center along with quite a few other college kids when I suddenly felt weak and dizzy. I set my weights down and sat down against a wall. All of a sudden, my whole body went stone cold…. and everything went black.

The next thing I knew, I woke up to an athletic trainer and a paramedic leaning over me as I lay sprawled out on the linoleum floor.  It was the freakiest feeling; I had never fainted before in my life and wasn’t sure why this had happened. After getting some ice and drinking some water, I told the medical crew that I felt fine, and was able to continue on with my day. (In case you are wondering, I called it quits on the working out for the day.)

After the incident, my university emailed me that I could not come back to the Strength Center to work out until I had a written note from a doctor that I was in good health. Feeling annoyed because I knew that there was nothing seriously wrong with me, I scheduled an appointment with a doctor just to talk about what had happened. I actually was a bit confused myself. The workout I had been doing when I fainted wasn’t too strenuous, and I was in good physical shape at the time. In addition, I ate breakfast right before working out, so I should not have been dizzy from hunger. My doctor gave me a physical and told me that I seemed healthy, but she didn’t feel comfortable about discussing this unless I saw a cardiologist to see if I had a heart defect. Just to be on the safe side.

Um….. WHAT!?

Throughout the next 6-8 weeks, I had several tests done with the cardiologist. At one point, I had to wear a device that monitored my heart for a weekend. After figuring out from the tests that it was not a heart defect, my doctor came to the conclusion that I just must have just been dehydrated. I was not surprised with this answer and could have diagnosed myself to begin with. I had always been super bad with drinking water. I don’t know why, but I just plain forget to drink water during the day! It has always been an extremely bad habit of mine.

Then and there, I made a decision that I really needed to take this portion of my health seriously. I needed to work on ways to stay hydrated if I wanted to stay active and healthy. It’s been two years now since the fainting incident, and I haven’t fainted since. I do believe that I have been better with staying hydrated. Apparently, I’m not alone in struggling to drink enough water. Did you know that —% of people do not consume enough fluids?!

If you are like me and are always working to keep hydrated, I compiled a list of three easy ways that I implemented drinking more fluids into my diet:

1.) Carry a jug with you

I found this cute idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great way to keep myself accountable. You can label it so you can see for yourself how much you have to consume as the day goes on. It may even help you to draw lines that represent time passing throughout your day!

2.) Set reminder alarms on your phone

Literally, sometimes I set alarms in my phone once an hour to remind me to drink water. I know that’s crazy, but if you struggle like me with just plain FORGETTING to drink, this can be an easy solution!!

3.) Start simple- drink something healthy that you enjoy, such as tea or flavored water

If you struggle so much with fluid consumption, you may want to start by consuming a healthy liquid that you really enjoy first before you drink plain water. My drinks of choice are Fiji Water, Vita Coco Pure, and Diet Peach Snapple. These yummy, flavorful, and healthy choices are a great alternative to water, and keep me hydrated as I sip on it all day. I like to just pack one in my tote and bring it with me to work or school.

That way, if whatever I bring is sitting on my desk all day, I’m usually reminded to drink it!

Where can you find these three products? At Walmart, of course! Thanks to Walmart, I’m able to live healthier, smarter, and overall better. Walmart is helping me reach my hydration goals by supplying some of my favorite drinks to consume. Extremely easy to locate, I found these in the Beverage Aisle. I prefer the 500ML sizes because they are just the right size for me to carry on, yet quench my thirst!

Keeping hydrated to stay healthy doesn’t have to be hard! Using simple solutions such as switching to Fiji Water, Vita Coco Pure, and Diet Snapple can help you keep hydrated even during an extremely busy day.

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Do you drink enough fluids? What are you doing to stay hydrated? Let me know in the comments below!