25 Road Trip Tips

Road trips may possibly be my favorite thing in the entire world! There is just nothing like leaving home for a few days and getting away. Trevor and I are the king of road trips- almost all of our travels have been by driving vs. flying. In fact, this post was inspired by our mini road trip we took this weekend to Kansas City, Missouri, for a Kenny Chesney concert! I actually prefer driving over flying, because there are so many beautiful things out there to see. Give me an open road, a beautiful landscape and some tunes, and I am one happy girl!

We have learned a few tips along the way, and I’m here to share them with you!

1.) If you don’t have one yourself, borrow a friend or family members’ gas efficient car. You will be surprised by how much money you save at the pumps! Before I bought my Ford Fusion, we took our road trips in Trevor’s Ford 150. Getting 30 miles to the gallon now is a hella better than when we used to get 19 miles to the gallon with the truck!

2.) Keep coins and loose change with you. For tolls, parking ramps, or exact change when buying food, anything. It comes in handy!

3.) Bring pillows and blankets. It’s not fun sleeping against the window without a pillow to lean on.

4.) Make a list of everything you need to pack beforehand. It’s so much easier to refer to a list so you are sure that you aren’t forgetting anything !

5.) Be sure that no matter what the occasion of your road trip is, you pack a pair of comfortable shoes/flip flops. Trust me, you don’t want to learn this the hard way like I did!

6.) Before your trip, decide how much money you want to spend total. Take out the cash and try to only use that throughout your trip. That way, you won’t be tempted to use your credit card and go over your budget.

7.) Buy a car phone charger. Because Lord knows we will all die without using our phones!

8.) Make sure you have plenty of water bottles stocked up.

9.) Before you leave, make a few new playlists of songs you haven’t listened to in a long time. There is nothing more annoying than hearing the same songs repeated on the radio over and over.

10.) Always have a first-aid kit available. Top items to include in this should be band-aids (for blisters, usually in my case!), Ibuprofen, icepacks, Dramamine, and tape.

11.) Pack healthy snacks in a cooler. Fast food can only get you so far until you have a permanent date with a gas station rest room. Granola bars, apples, trail mix, and sandwiches are easy and healthy choices.

12.) Use the Gas Buddy app to help you find the cheapest gas around you.

13.) Always keep jumper cable cords with you in your vehicle. Hopefully you won’t ever have to use them, but it’s good to know they are there just in case.

14.) Keep a few plastic bags with you to put your garbage in while you are driving.

15.) Budget out your expenses before hand. Know how much you plan to pay at each stop, and stick to your budget plan!

16.) Before your trip, invest in AAA just in case you have car issues.

17.) Play the License Plate game when you’re getting bored and sick of driving. Come on guys, it never gets old!

18.) Be sure to know your system of navigation well. If you don’t use a GPS on your iPhone often, get familiar with it. Always have a map just in case you lose wifi at some point.

19.) Book your hotels in advance through sites like Trip Advisor and Expedia. Eventually, you can earn points that will go towards a free stay in the future!

20.) Visit National parks and landmarks. Many national and state parks/landmarks are free of cost. I’m all for being outdoors and creating wonderful memories without breaking the bank!

21.) Another free thing to do that is a blast is camping. Take advantage of campgrounds and national parks/forests on your drive!

22.) Be sure to pack plastic eating utensils, paper plates, and napkins for eating snacks.

23.) Make sure your vehicle is checked throughly before your trip. Change the oil, be sure your air conditioning is working, check the breaks, check your tires, etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

24.) Send frequent text messages to a loved one who knows where you are off to. It is always a safe idea to check in with someone in case of an emergency.

25.) Do most of your driving during the early morning and afternoon. Stay caffeinated! Be sure that you are awake and alert.

Do you take road trips frequently? Where is the last place you went on a road trip? I love to talk travel! Leave me a comment below!

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