25 Favorite Nail Polishes in 2022!

Disclaimer: Some samples. See  bottom for more.

I like to look back at my pictures from the year and think about the polishes I really loved, and manicures I wanted to leave on until they were ugly with chips!

So I’ve put together my favorites from 2013. I’d love to hear if any of my favorites were your favorites this year!

The name of the polish is hyper linked, where applicable, to the original blog post featuring more swatch photos and more information about the season, collection or purchase information (for most).

In no particular order, here we go!

This nail polish stole my heart with its multichromal shimmer and versatility – I could wear it on its own (in about three coats) or over another polish. LOVE LOVE LOVE, one of the top five of my favorites this year!

Another multichromal beauty, Divinity is the closest thing to Clarins 230 (AKA Unicorn Pee) that I’ve ever seen. Another in my top five!

One more from Ninja!! Oddly I don’t have a swatch of it by itself, but Mystic Glacier is a BEAUTY in blue, copper, green multichrome. One of my top five favorites of 2013. I love that I can wear it without having to use a base color, too, like Masquerade!

Angel Rain is a multichrome that’s a baby blue-based pearl with purple and green shift to it. So stunning. Another of my top five polishes for the year. I think Orly’s Surreal Collection was one of my favorites overall in 2013.

L’Oreal Hidden Gems:

Hidden Gems is a stunning glitter polish in a teal base. It’s just beautiful. It’s one of L’Oreal’s textures, but I added top coat to her.

Let’s Go Crazy:

Let’s Go Crazy is a powerful, beautiful violet and holographic glitter that I fell in love with. I also bought the blue version of this, Stronger, but haven’t tried it yet. Stunning!

OPI Vant to Bite My Neck?

Even though I love polish that does tricks (multichrome, texture, glitter, etc) sometimes there’s nothing like a flawless creme. Like this one. This OPI polish is killer (pun … intended?)

This polish glows in the dark, but looks just as pretty with the lights on. It’s got the prettiest shimmer to it, and I love it. I need to explore Serum No. 5 more in the new year!

Chanel Taboo:

This was the first Chanel in a while that caught my attention, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s like a galaxy polish with purple, magenta and hints of blue. Love!!

This glowing pink was a popular pick for fall 2013 with multiple brands releasing a version of it. I really liked JESSICA’S.

This blue is dark and vampy and just…perfect. Quite possibly another top for me in 2013!

China Glaze Fancy Pants is a beautiful blurple with pink shimmer hints in it. LOVE.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this red texture Pixie Dust polish. It’s amazeballs. It’s juicy, sophisticated, Marilyn-red…Chyna is just swoon-worthy!!

This yellow is so bright, so clean-looking, it had to be a favorite!

Speaking of yellow, this is just over-the-top in shimmer, and the bottle has a black diamond in it. What’s not to love about that?! Luxe and lust-worthy. Love this yellow!

My pictures did no justice to this summer launch from Pixi. Beautiful, vibrant hot pink that just hit the spot in summer neons for me this year!

I love the Pixie Dust formula, and I love this royal purple, which was a hot trend for fall! Perfection!!

Emerald was the Pantone Color of the Year, and I loved LVX’s take on it in spring! This is a pretty hue.

Of all the Morgan Taylor polishes I got to try this year, this is one of my favorites. Honestly the brand is probably my favorite new brand of 2013, I have loved every polish I’ve tried. But this one I picked as a favorite because of the name, and it’s got a subtle green/brown duochrome to it that is very unique. Not too obvious but it’s there!

This nail polish is on the sheer side, but has beautiful silver specks of glitter in a pink champagne base that shimmers a light magenta! It might be sheer but it packs a beautiful sparkle!

Bed Head Blue is just one of my favorite hues of blue. I was impressed with brand, which launched this year, and the formula on all the polishes I tried.

Seche Beloved is a searing pink red that applied like a dream and fetched me many compliments. Sometimes nothing beats a classic polish color like this!

Flakies. Iridescent. Multichrome. I don’t even know that I need to explain more? I think that explains how awesome this is!!!

Colors like Avalon look really good on my skin tone, and this one is just really nice. I love the shimmer in this beauty. This one speaks to my professional, suit-wearing side. Even though I wear whatever I want on my nails, I do work in a corporate environment and there are moments when I need a polish like Avalon that is work appropriate but also doesn’t scream BORING!

Julie G Sugar Plum Fairy:

This is another texture polish – I DIG this  trend, guys! And I love the bold colors this year! JulieG and Jesse’s Girl did it again with their Frosted Gum Drops for holiday and this one is my star from it. Confession: I got to see these colors in APRIL!!!! Jesse showed me a nail wheel and while the colors changed a bit since then, I knew all year this was going to be a great texture collection!!!

So what do you think?! Are any of my top 25 in YOUR 25?! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below – and Happy almost New Year’s, friends!!!

Disclaimer: I received some of the polishes in this post from the PR firm/Manufacturer for review previously and made proper disclaimers in those review posts. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!