10 little things you can do to strengthen your relationship

This February, my boyfriend and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary together. It has been the best two years of my life. Although we have had our ups and downs as every couple does, we have a very strong relationship that is based off of mutual trust and respect. He is not just my soul mate, he is my best friend. Throughout our journey together, one thing I have learned being in a committed relationship is to never forget about the “little things.” Even if you and your partner have a very stable relationship, there are always ways that you can fortify your bond and improve your quality of life together.

 Here are 10 little things you can do to strengthen your relationship:

1.) Leave a surprise note
Simple, cheap, and shows thoughtfulness. Leaving a cute little note on the coffee pot for your partner to wake up to while you are at work is something sweet that shows you are still thinking about him or her even though you are busy. It is a sure sign to make your significant others’ day.

2.) Keep date night alive
Even when life gets busy, try to set aside a date night once a month. One of the things I appreciate most about my boyfriend is that he still frequently and generously takes me out on dates even though our relationship is not new anymore. Be sure to switch it up! Don’t just go to the same bar and grill every month. Go to a movie. Eat someplace nice downtown. Go ice-skating. The key is to keep your relationship fresh and interesting to create new memories.

3.) Ask your partner how their day was
Ask this every single day. Sometimes we just plain forget to ask this important question, and how much it means to our significant other. Asking your partner how their day went shows you genuinely care and that you are interested in the happenings of their daily life.

4.) ….and then truly listen
I will be the first to say—and my boyfriend can attest to this—I’m not the best listener. Often times, I ask questions, and then zone out when he is answering because I am multitasking. Then, he gets frustrated because I repeat the question the next day because I wasn’t paying attention. And I don’t blame him! It’s a skill I am truly trying to work on. Opening your ears and actually paying attention helps build trust and respect in a relationship.

The beginning of our 50 state sign challenge

5.) Start a new hobby together
My boyfriend and I love traveling. Last summer, we made a goal to snap a picture by all 50 state signs together before we have kids.  This new hobby has made our relationship especially thrilling and has given us something to enjoy together. Start a blog together. Learn to salsa dance. Buy season tickets for your favorite college football team. Pick a new Netflix show to binge watch. (No Netflix cheating while the other one is away!!) The key is, together. Find a hobby that you BOTH enjoy, and make it unique to your relationship.

6.) Make dinner together
Pick a recipe, grocery shop together if needed, and spend some quality time cooking. Believe it or not, cooking is actually a great stress reliever and gives you a chance to talk and possibly learn together in the process. Buy a bottle of wine to top off the night.

7.) Put the phone down
Phones are such a distraction. Nothing is more annoying when you are trying to spend time with someone and they whip out their phone to ruin the moment. The social media, the emails, the text messages, and whatever the heck it is can wait when you are eating dinner together. Don’t be rude!

8.) Be supportive
You owe it to your significant other to support them in all of their endeavors and whatever they are going through at the time being. Being there and backing your partner is one of the most comforting and best things you can do for someone in a relationship. Be the partner in a relationship that you would seek out yourself.

9.) Take the 5 Love Languages Quiz
Have you ever heard of the Five Love Languages? If not, I highly recommend you and your partner click on this link at the bottom and take this quiz together to better understand how you each individually express love emotionally. This way, you can both be on the same page as to how to express love to one another. Both my boyfriend and I believe it is an extremely useful communication tool that you will find valuable. Check out the link at http://www.5lovelanguages.com

10.) Do an act of service for your partner
Doing an act of service that your partner will highly appreciate is a great way to strengthen your relationship. For example, packing your partners’ lunch the night before work when he or she just wants to relax for the night. This is actually one of the five “love languages” as explained in the quiz described above. Remember… actions speak louder than words!

I wish you and your significant other success in your relationship. Relationships are hard, but they are worth the effort! I would love to hear how you and your partner keep your relationship strong and intimate. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me; I love feedback! Have a great night and a wonderful start to your week!


The love of my life


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