Happy Friday, friends!

This is a spur of the moment post that I am currently writing at 11:22PM on a Thursday night. As I am sitting here on the couch cuddling with Shadow, sipping my honey vanilla tea and reading my favorite blogs, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of calming joy. The house is clean, a fresh bouquet of flowers rests on my kitchen table, and I have off from work the next day.

When you find these fleeting moments of peace and serenity, you have to grasp the opportunity to savor it and be grateful. Which is why I am sharing 10 little things that make me insanely happy!

1.) Farmer’s markets

There is a market in Green Bay that is held every Wednesday night during summer, and I just can’t get enough. What’s not to love about fresh fruit and veggies, sweet treats, and $8 bouquets?!

2.) Freshly brewed coffee with french vanilla creamer

Nothing feels better than waking up to a hot cup of coffee. I literally can’t survive without coffee- whether I’ve had 4 hours of sleep the night before, or 10 hours…. it’s a necessity.

3.) Girl’s days

I love spending time with my girls. Whenever I need to blow off some steam, I text my friends and see if we can plan something. My favorite things to do with my girlfriends include getting coffee and/or lunch, getting drinks, getting manis/pedis, shopping, going to the farmer’s market, and just hanging out chatting at our homes. Usually we are too broke to do any of the things I mentioned above, LOL.

4.) A clean house

I always try to pick up my home before I fall asleep because I HATE waking up to a messy home. I literally can’t function when my home is full of clutter. When I pull open the curtains in the living room and the sunlight floods in, illuminating my clean home, I feel so much joy over something so trivial.

5.) Kwik Trip

If you’re in the Midwest, especially in the Wisconsin area, I’m sure you are familiar with Kwik Trip. If you have never been to a Kwik Trip, I am so, SO sorry….because no amount of gushing over my love for Kwik Trip will give you the experience (P.S. If you are wondering, Kwik Trip is a chain of Midwest gas stations that have SUPER clean restrooms, free ATMS, the best coffee EVER, and wait for it…..famous mouth-watering GLAZERS. <3 <3

6.) My puppy’s cuddles

Okay, so as of lately, Shadow has been a bit stingy with his cuddles, so when we get them, I savor the moment. At 6-months old, he thinks he runs the show  is establishing his independence. The cuddles only happen late at night or early in the morning, and they make EVERYTHING better instantly.

Except one problem, Shadow is a major bed hog….

7.) Going out for breakfast

This one is just plain obvious; I LOVE to eat. 😉 Specifically, Trevor and I love going out for breakfast; it’s our favorite way to connect. There is a diner in town that we always go to, where I order without fail every time Texas-style french toast with powdered sugar and hash browns. It’s pretty much a heart-attack in the making, but I wouldn’t trade the conversation for anything.

8.) Summers on the water

The water is definitely my happy place. All of my favorite memories seem to be on the water; kayaking every summer on the Oconto river, taking the boat out near my parents’ cabin up-north, watching the sunset on the Pacific Coast on vacation. My dream is to live on the water someday!

9.) Quiet mornings to myself

I’m totally a morning person. Nothing makes me a happier than spending a quiet morning to myself, sipping my coffee and blogging. For some reason, I just feel so much happier, productive, and optimistic in the morning vs. late afternoon or night.

10.) Shopping

I’ll admit it….I’m a shopaholic. Well, except I actually don’t go shopping that often anymore because I’m a broke graduate student and I’m saving for my wedding….but when I do, I go hard. 😉

Dress / American Eagle (sold out) // Shoes / Charlotte Russe // Bag / H&M

What are the little joys in your life? Leave me a comment below!

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