How To Eat Almonds

Almonds are usually eaten unprepared. This is a shame, because properly prepared almonds contain significantly fewer phytates and enzyme inhibitors than their counterparts – almonds straight from the bag. What are phytates and enzyme inhibitors? Phytates and enzyme inhibitors are anti-nutrients that prevent your body from absorbing minerals and beneficial enzymes that increase vitamins, increase […]

How To Design A Living Room Suitable For The Whole Family

For many families, the living room is the heart of the home, it’s the place where everyone gathers to spend time together. That’s why your living room needs to be a family friendly space that is suitable for the whole family. If your living room is not suitable for the whole family, you will only […]

Three Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home

If you’re thinking about improving your home, you may already have some big ideas. This could be adding an addition to the side of your home or completely redesigning a room. The problem is that both of these ideas are expensive, and you may find that there isn’t enough money in your budget to complete […]

3 Simple Secret DIY Storage Ideas

I think everyone has wanted a “secret storage compartment” at some point, even if it was just when they were kids wanting to hide our favorite toys or are diary. On top of that, do you notice that your kids always tend to get their hands in things they shouldn’t? I know I did and […]

Prose Poem: Joie de Vivre – Mykie Writes It

I decided to update and re-release this poem based on a recommendation from another writer that made good sense to me and hopefully improves the poem. Special thanks to Ancient Skies for the suggestion! Joie de Vivre I look into your eyes of lion; it feels like baring my soul. Pulling away layers of history, […]

Prose Poem: A Lothario’s Lessons – Mykie Writes It

Revised March 18, 2020. This poem comes from my series in progress on love, relationships and learning to love oneself, tentatively titled Elemental. As always, I would love feedback on what works in this poem and what doesn’t work so well. You can also rate my poems using 1-5 stars above. A Lothario’s Lessons I […]

Learning to love the less

As I continue to build a readership on my little blog, I’m struggling with what I’m sure many newly minted authors go through: Trying to find the topic I want to work with. What is the heart of “my brand”? What is the specific focus of my topic? Yes, it’s about personal finance, but on […]

Working Out Should Be Fun!

What do you think of when you hear the word “Exercise?” What about the phrase “Work out?” I would bet that the majority of people in the United States conjure up images of treadmills, gyms, group cycling classes, and people sitting at Nautilus machines doing rep after rep after rep. These images explain why many […]

How To Go About A “Cheat Day”

Most healthy diets or eating philosophies don’t demand you to follow their eating plan to the letter. In fact, many of them allow for some “cheating.” Mark Sisson encourages his readers to follow an 80/20 principle where it is only necessary to follow the Primal Blueprint 80 percent of the time, and eating unhealthy food […]