WTF is This Stuff? Your Guide to Different Types of Acne

In this study, 2895 women were recruited from the general population in the United States. Of the women studied, 55% had some form of acne. 45% of women aged 22-30, 26% aged 31-40 and 12% aged 41-50 had clinical acne. This is a significant finding. If you are suffering with acne, you are not alone. […]

Top 6 Foods for Healthy Skin

When most people think about healing their acne, they tend to think about creams, lotions and topical products. As a society, we have become accustomed to focusing on the symptoms that we experience and looking for a treatment that targets that specific symptom. This can be a mistake when it comes to acne. Topical treatment […]

Ten Ways to Get a Better Nights Sleep

We all know that sleep is important. Not only is it crucial to brain and organ regeneration, but it also directly influences mood and energy levels the following day. Not being able to get the amount of sleep you need is frustrating. Hours lying awake or continually waking throughout the night are situations many of […]

The Superbug Problem and How to Cure Yourself Naturally First Before Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is a form of drug resistance in which some sub populations of a microorganism, usually a bacterial species, are able to survive after exposure to one or more antibiotics. A resistant strain emerges, which we now call superbugs. Recently, the World Health Organization released its first report on antibiotic resistance. Collecting data from […]

Your Step By Step Guide to Eating Paleo

Paleo is taking the world by storm! As you may have noticed, I am a huge supporter of the Paleo diet. I embrace this style of eating because it represents a way of eating reminiscent of times when humans were much healthier. Of course we will never be able to truly replicate what we believe […]

Paleo Skincare – The Caveman Regimen

Tawny is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who also holds a B.Sc. in chemistry. She is the founder of Nutrition is Medicine which she started in 2013. With her work she aims to developing healthy recipes, realistic health and fitness goals, and help make good health an option available to everyone. You can find all […]